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8 Ways To Ensure You Rent The Right Property For Your Holiday

  • Posted: Feb 10, 2014
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Choose The Correct Holiday Home in Scotland

Log Cabin in ScotlandTravellers are increasingly planning and arranging their own holidays to Scotland and many will opt to rent a house or apartment instead of staying in a hotel. There are many advantages to a home from home but not if you choose the wrong one! There are plenty of sites offering an array of properties but the listings can be vague or deceiving and it is easy to be seduced into something that does not fulfil your requirements. Here are the best ways to avoid making a mistake.

Make A List

Before you look at properties make a list of the most important issues to you and don’t be tempted to choose a property that doesn’t tick the right boxes just because it looks nice. If you want something on the coast then don’t get succored into an inland location because the house has a nice garden. Location, number of bedrooms, cooking facilities, a washing machine, hot-tub or access to amenities could all be crucial to the success of your trip so don’t settle for somewhere that doesn’t meet your criteria. Most of these properties are managed by experts about which you can learn more here.

Consider Your requirements

Before you finalise your list of requirements think carefully about every aspect of your trip. Your priority may be location but remember that if you are travelling by car you will need access to parking and if you are skiing it would help to have somewhere to store your equipment.

Ask Questions

Property owners can be very lazy about their listings so if something you want is not mentioned that doesn’t mean it isn’t at the property. Ask the owners for further information and you might find that the place has everything you need after all.


Work out what you can afford and try to stick to it. That amazing apartment overlooking the sea might look wonderful but it won’t improve your holiday if you run out of cash.  Don’t take the prices listed as cast in stone. Property owners will often be prepared to negotiate and it is well worth asking the question before you reject somewhere on the basis of price. Tell them what you can afford to pay and see if they can help you. Whatever price you are offered compare this to other properties in the area to ensure that it is a favourable one.


It is a great advantage if you can be flexible on dates. Peak periods will vary from location to location and even from property to property so you could find that moving the date of your trip by just a week or two will yield huge savings.

Google Maps

The descriptions of property locations can be vague or downright deceptive. Use Google Maps and Google Earth to check out where the property really is, what it looks like and the nature of the general area. You may get a nasty surprise or you could find that a property which looked unpromising is much better than you thought. You can also use Google Maps to check out how long it takes to travel from the property to the locations you wish to visit during your stay.


Always read reviews of the property you are looking at. These will give you a good idea of how other visitors have found the property and reveal any shortcomings that are not explained in the listing or which you may not have considered to be an issue. Always remember that some people will complain about anything and that a property must be considered in the light of what you are paying for it. You can’t expect a budget apartment to have a private pool but you can expect it to be clean and safe.

Gut Feel

If something doesn’t sit right or you have suspicions that something is wrong about a property then listen to your inner voice and look for somewhere else. There are scams out there and they are not always easy to spot but if you check every detail of a listing you can often uncover anomalies that are clues that you should move on. For extra peace of mind contact the owners and get a dialogue going and you may be able to sense trouble before it is too late.

By doing your homework, asking the right questions and sticking to your priorities you can land yourself the perfect home from home at a price that you can afford. Don’t be tempted to rent a house in the country if you want to be close to the beach and if you are a skier don’t choose a lodge in the mountains that has nowhere to store your outdoor clothing and equipment. The perfect place is out there somewhere you just have to find it!
Sally Stacey is a keen writer and business owner who divides her time between writing, running her shop and travelling.

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What Is The Best Way To Holiday In Scotland?

  • Posted: Oct 03, 2011
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Holidays in Scotland are very different for everyone and people take holidays in Scotland in various different ways, but what is the best way to holiday in Scotland, below I will mention some of the different ways you can take your holiday in Scotland.

Book a Cottage

Booking a cottage has its own advantages; you are supplied with everything you need to cater for yourself. Many people enjoy cooking for themselves when on holiday and staying in a cottage will give you all the amenities you need to do this, the cottage holiday will also supply you with the usual house luxuries like TV, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and nice furniture to keep you relaxed. The cottage holiday could also provide you with an open fire for those cold nights to enjoy burning logs and coal, a lot of people enjoy this and it gives you a nice atmosphere to relax in. Lots of cottages are also located in beautiful settings like Lochs, rivers, forest and glens with stunning views. Cottages will give you the home comforts you need if you like this sort of holiday, and it also gives you the feeling of what it would be like to actually live in Scotland. Ideal for families who would prefer a more peaceful holiday.

Book Hotels

Hotels are an ideal accommodation if you prefer to be waited on and have your meals cooked for you, they are also an ideal choice if you are touring and intend to book various hotels in different locations, there are many beautiful hotels in Scotland that will provide you with everything you need, from home cooking to comfy bars, and restaurants to spend lovely evenings in after touring Scotland’s many attractions. Hotel rooms are often spacious enough and will include en suite bathrooms and a TV in the rooms, it is also a great way to meet new friends and have interesting chats in the hotels bar, they also provide you with information you require from the reception areas. You can find many variations of hotel type accommodations from bed and breakfast, guest houses and luxury 5 star hotels. Hotels are Ideal for couples and solo travellers looking for entertainment and great restaurants.

Camping in Scotland

Camping in Scotland is fantastic especially during the warmer summer months; the fresh air and the great smells of the outdoors are an ideal way to holiday in Scotland. Scotland offers many campsites for the outdoor lovers, with great facilities and scenery that will give you an ideal environment for camping, some campsites can be in remote areas that cater for climbers and outdoor activity holidays, but campsites can also be found that will cater for families close to towns and Scotland’s attractions. Many sites have excellent amenities including toilets, showers and camp shops. There are a variety of campsites in Scotland and many of them will allow you to take your pets on holiday with you, there are even sites that will provide you with an electrical hook up so you can bring with you electrical appliances, but the best thing about camping has got to be the cooking outdoors, food always tastes better for some reason when cooked on a camp stove in a fantastic location, camping holidays are best for the outdoor enthusiast and holiday makers with pets.

Caravans and Campervans

There is something special about driving with your holiday home behind you, this type of holiday is very flexible and gives you the ability to spend your holiday in many different locations, the complete freedom to stop where ever you want and enjoy your own facilities whenever you like can be very appealing to many people, there are many good roads to tour and plenty of sites to stop at with reasonable prices. The only disadvantage is that you are limited to the type of roads you can travel on, some of Scotland’s roads are very narrow single lanes and you have to be careful and choose your route wisely, but plan your route and you are rewarded with the freedom choice of where you want to spend the night. There are many caravan clubs that can give you all the information you need to enjoy your touring holiday to Scotland, Lots of caravan sites in Scotland provide you with great amenities and electrical hook ups to enjoy your holiday and many sites will have restaurants and pubs to socialise in, but the best thing about taking a campervan is the ability to plan your holiday just how you like it. This type of holiday appeals to the adventurous and families.

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