Loch Coruisk and The Black Cuillin Mountains

June 23, 2013

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A Trip to the magnificent Loch Coruisk, that is home to some of Scotland’s best scenery and wildlife including many common seals and other sea life, and is a great location to view the best the Cuillin Mountain range has to offer.

The Cuillin Ridge

The Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye can been accessed by many routes but the best has to be the journey to Loch Coruisk by boat. You can sail from Elgol crossing Loch Scavaig and into the magnificent opening to Loch Coruisk, from here you will find the dramatic view of the Cuillin Ridge and the dramatic skyline of the Cuillin Mountains, not only the mountains are worth seeing but also the stunning wildlife this area is famous for, from seals to Sea Eagles and the delightful experience of Dolphins and Minke whales. This area of the Isle of Skye has lots to offer.

Loch Coruisk is separated from the sea by the River Scavaig known as one of the shortest rivers in the UK and is just a short walk from the jetty at Loch na Cuilce, a path for walkers is from here that will lead you around the Loch and into the Mountains if you are adventurous. Otters are frequent visitors to the river banks and sea shore, and you can also see Red Deer grazing in the surrounding areas. Some walkers will take a one way trip to Loch Coruisk by boat and tackle the mighty coastal paths back through to Elgol, this walk can be difficult and involves some negotiating around the Bad Step a large chunk of rock that will require some nerve to get by, appropriate walking boots and knowledge would be advised for this walk. The Loch does have more relaxing walks if you prefer an nice stroll before the boat back to Elgol. You can also approach Loch Coruisk from Sligachan that’s about 8 miles in distance.

 Loch Coruisk


Loch Coruisk

The Loch is actually a fresh water loch cut off from the sea, and is known in Scottish Gaelic as Coire Uisg meaning Cauldron of Waters and is surrounded by the Black Cuillins. The Jagged peaks and ridges of the Cuillins are a mecca for many Mountaineers with its challenging climbs and scrambles, 12 of the peaks are munros although one of them Blaven is separated from the main ridge by Glen Sligachan. The ridge is a very challenging traverse, and although its only Seven miles long it could take over 20 hours to complete, however in winter due to the shorter days it could take much longer. The highest peak in the Cuillin is Sgurr Alasdair at 3,255 ft, it is also the Highest on the Isle of Skye.

Loch Coruisk and the Black Cuillins in Scotland are very dramatic and isolated, you can be easily mistaken if you are not familiar with the area by thinking you are in the Alps, because the mountains are unlike any other range in Scotland, The vistas available are a dream for any artist of photographer, with ever changing weather patterns the views are changeable each time you visit. The Isle of Skye is an excellent place to visit when on Holiday in Scotland, and a trip to Elgol for a boat ride with the family to Loch Coruisk is a must. Other Islands to discover from Elgol are Canna, Rum and Soay, with boat trips giving you the chance to see the fantastic islands and the wildlife that surrounds them, Occasionally you could have the chance to see Orca/Killer whale, Puffins and Dolphins. Trips to Loch Coruisk and other Islands can be found at Bella Jane Boat trips from Elgol.    

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