Highland Games

July 4, 2011



Highland Games in Scotland

Despite their name, Highland Games are held all over Scotland, From Spring To late Autumn: they vary in size and differ in the range of events they offer, and although the most famous are at Oban, Cowal and especially Braemar,, often the smaller ones are more fun.

Origin of the Highland Games

They probably originated in the fourteenth century as a means of recruiting the best fighting men for the clan chiefs, and were popularised by Queen Victoria to encourage the traditional dress, music, games and dance of the highlands, various royals still attend the games at Braemar.

The most distinctive events are know as the heavies tossing the caber, putting the stone, and tossing the weight over the bar, all of which require prodigious strength and skill. Tossing the caber is the most spectacular and the most well known event in the highland games, when the athlete must run carrying an entire tree trunk and attempt to heave is end over end in a perfect, elegant throw.

Just as important as the sporting events are the piping competitions for individuals and bands and dancing competitions where you will see young children tripping the quick, intricate steps of such traditional dances as the Highland fling.

When on holiday in Scotland the Highland games should not be missed and will give you a great insight of Scottish traditions, and leave you with many memories of a great day

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