Advantages of Booking a Holiday Cottage in Scotland

  • Posted: Aug 30, 2013
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Scotland has an enormous amount of Holiday cottages, so finding the right Holiday Cottage in Scotland for you has never been easier. So why do many people prefer to book a Holiday in Scotland staying in Cottage accommodation.

Many cottages in Scotland are located in excellent locations usually by a lovely Loch or with a view of Stunning Mountains and forests. With the rise of accommodation available particularly growing in the past 10 years Cottages in Scotland are now more available as ever, there are many modern architectural versions rising up within Scotland’s countryside, with wide glass fronts and eco friendly living, but you can still find the traditional old crofters house renovated to a high quality built out of charming stone and looking like they have been around for hundreds of years, personally I find the latter much more enjoyable as these are usually located in prime areas of Scotland’s beauty, and many are secluded if you want the feeling of living within the countryside. But these new style contemporary cottages with all the trimmings of Boutique hotels and modern luxuries are increasingly becoming very popular.

Find The Right Holiday Cottage For You

Book holiday cottages in ScotlandFinding the correct cottage for you and your family is now a very easy task with the modern day internet available, gone are the days of sending of for a broacher advertised in the local newspaper or advertised on TV. You can now enjoy looking at many pictures and floor plans of cottages advertised on the many websites now available. You can even read reviews now of past holiday makers who have stayed at the cottage recently, giving you peace of mind when booking.

If you prefer to be within a community or around people the choice is growing very fast, many purpose built resorts are being built with the holiday visitor in mind, these are built of a high quality and open planned, many are located close to a popular town or Golf Course. But these new built holiday resorts are not to everyone’s taste, some have been shunned by locals for taking up prime countryside and blotting out lovely views from the local villagers, although other people have welcomed them as they bring in more business for the local shops and pubs.

Cottages are available for everyone, even for people who prefer to take their dogs on holiday with them, many cottage owners accept dogs as long as they are well behaved and trained, so leaving your dog at home or in kennels are a thing of the past, you will also see in many accommodation website sections available for dog friendly cottages in Scotland. Cottages with hot tubs are also becoming popular and you will now find many cottages advertising that they have a hot tub available and this seems to be a good selling point recently.

Scottish Property Locations

For me the location is more important than the cottage itself, everyone is different but I feel if the location is right then I will have a good holiday. People with different interests will look for suitable cottages for their hobby, this includes walkers who like to ensure there are many available walks around the cottage with easy access to mountains and trails, Fishermen will look for a holiday cottage in Scotland that’s close to a good river or loch, some cottages are even advertised as waterfront locations to attract people with fishing or sailing hobbies.

Scotland; The All Year Tourist Destination

The great thing about booking a Holiday Cottage in Scotland is the fact you can book these all year round, Scotland is not just a summer destination but a winter one too. Winter is great in Scotland for people who enjoy activities like skiing and mountain walking, but you don’t have top be a sporty type person to enjoy winter in Scotland, just getting away from it all during the winter for a peaceful holiday in Scotland is ideal for people who want to see Scotland at its most beautiful during winter, with snow capped mountains and Christmas card settings, Scotland is a must during this time of year, and sitting by an open fire with a burning log drinking a glass of your favourite dram is delightful.

Book Your Next Scottish Holiday

We have made things easier for you to book a Holiday in Scotland with an excellent search tool in the search box to below this article, browse the many cottages available in Scotland and experience a holiday staying at one of the many stunning locations in Scotland, If you require any help choosing a Holiday Cottage we can help you, visit our contact us page and send us a message and we will be happy to assist you finding the correct cottage for your holiday. We can also help you find tours to Scotland and advise you on great locations and attractions to visit.


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