waves-near-rhinns-lighthouseScotland is a rugged and beaten land, sculptured into a work of art by the weather and geological shifts. With Bagpipes, Scottish folklore, Whisky and Tartan, Scotland has shaped an identity that is recognised all over the world.

When having a Holiday in Scotland, it is impossible to not return home without being touched by the love of the Scottish people and the countries charm, a place where a memory lasts forever and a land that seduces mankind.

At Holiday Scotland we want to supply tourist information, to ensure that visitors to Scotland have the best holidays in Scotland ever. We write about places to visit in Scotland, finding accommodation, and things to do in Scotland and its Highlands and Islands.

If you want ideas about things to do or simply want information about places to visit in Scotland then you have come to the right place, we have written many articles to help you choose the ideal itinerary to suit you. There are lots of different types of holidays in Scotland to enjoy from mountain and forest locations to island retreats and beaches, it’s simply up to you how you want to spend your next holiday in Scotland, we are here to provide you with the best tourist information available about Scotland and hope that you visit us soon.

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